How to Use Anki with our Setup

During Anki setup, we told Anki to never introduce new flashcards automatically. Therefore, new flashcards must be introduced manually. This section explains how to do so. Afterwards, the flashcards will no longer be new, so Anki will automatically add them to its review schedule.

  1. Anki → RBH Vocabulary (or RBH Grammar)
  2. Custom Anki screenshot
  3. Study Anki screenshot
    by card state or tag → New cards only → Choose Tags
  4. Require Anki screenshot
    one or more of these tags → <the number of the new chapter> → OK
  5. Study Anki screenshot Now
  6. <space bar> to show the answer
  7. Number 1 if you did not know it, or <space bar> if you knew it.

This same procedure can be used whenever you wish to review a specific chapter or set of chapters. Use the same procedure to do workbook exercises for a specific chapter.