Import the 3 flashcard sets on your laptop/desktop

  1. Download the vocabulary, grammar, and workbook flashcards
  2. Click Anki screenshot
    on "Import File"
  3. Select Anki screenshot
    one of the flashcard files and click "OK"
  4. Click Anki screenshot
    "Close" in the window that pops up
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 to import the other two flashcard files.
  6. Tools Anki screenshot
    → Check Database
    Contact your teacher if there is an error message.
  7. Tools Anki screenshot
    → Check Media...
    Contact your teacher if a popup lists missing media.
    If Anki screenshot
    a popup lists unused files (e.g., ".DS_Store"), feel free to click on "Delete Unused Files."
  8. Tools Anki screenshot
    → Empty Cards...
  9. Your Anki window should now look like this:
    Anki screenshot